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He is the “Father of EXO” but had to be the backup dancer? “Street Man Fighter” broke its own highest ratings again

Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” has once again broken its own highest ratings after entering the Global K-dance mission, where the show’s first elimination is at stake.

The 4th episode of “Street Man Fighter,” which aired on September 13th, recorded an average audience rating of 2.8% and the highest audience rating per minute of 3.3%. Both the audience ratings of its target age groups, which are 15-39 and 20-49, topped the same timeslot, including terrestrial broadcasters. 

In this broadcast, a battle for the worst dancer was held following last week. The second-class worst dancer was named. 1Million, who scored 100 points first with Nino and Yumeki taking the main dancer in the Middle 1 class, is on the verge of losing points as Alex and Yechan were nominated for the worst dancers in the Middle 2 class. Facing Just Jerk, which was the only crew to beat the battle powerhouse Prime Kingz, they lost, and Choi Young-joon of 1Million lost all points to YGX’s Dony in the Vice Leader class battle. 

Next, Ted of EO-DDAE, who was nominated as the worst dancer candidate of the Leader class, and JRoc of Bank II Brothers faced off, where JRoc won by an overwhelming margin.

Finally, in the battle to point out the worst dancer of the Rookie class, Rookie Jungwoo Kim of the MBitious and Kamel of We Demz Boys met. Jungwoo Kim showed his best, but he lost, unfortunately. 

Meanwhile, the Global K-dance mission, which will decide the first crew to be eliminated, has begun in earnest. Each team had to choreograph a performance to the representative songs of BIGBANG, EXO, BTS, and SEVENTEEN, and then compete head-to-head with another crew with a choreography copy challenge. In particular, the winning crew chosen by the Fight Judge in the choreography copy challenge section will get to use their opponent crew as their backup dancer, creating heavy tension for everyone.

The showdown between We Dem Boyz and 1Million, which was the hottest issue in the global K-dance mission, was the first one to go on stage. We Dem Boyz won the dance copy challenge section with a high score from the Fight Judges, and 1Million has to become backup dancers for the winning team. However, 1Million overturned the game with the public evaluation score, creating a reversal.

Next is the showdown between Just Jerk and Prime Kingz with BTS’ songs. The winner of the dance copy challenge was Just Jerk, and Prime Kingz was devastated as they became backup dancers. Prime Kingz strengthened their will to show their own dance and showed a world-class match by receiving a high score from the Fight Judges amid favorable reviews. However, Just Jerk took the lead again in the global evaluation.

YGX and Mbitious, which have been competing against each other since the beginning, will face off again with Seventeen’s representative song. Compared to YGX, which has been working together as a crew for a long time, Mbitious has just been formed as a project crew recently and failed to match with each other. They lost the dance copy challenge section and became backup dancers for YGX. However, as 5000 began to take the center stage as a leader, Mbitious appeared to grow into a stronger crew.

Amid growing curiosity about which crew will survive the Global K-dance mission and which two crews will have to face each other in the elimination battle, “Street Man Fighter” airs every Tuesday night at 10:20 p.m.

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