BTS’s V Sweeps No.1 Spots on Hanteo Chart’s Weekly Rankings in US, Japan & China

BTS’s V proved his world-class popularity by topping Hanteo Chart’s TOP 30 in the third week of September

On September 22nd, Hanteo Chart released Top 30 in the third week of September by countries, including the US, Japan, and China. According to the chart releases, V ranked first place in all three categories.

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Based on Hanteo Chart’s big data collection technology, this weekly chart collects and analyzes K-pop data from each country in real-time and it’s a comprehensive chart compiled data of K-pop artists, such as album sales, digital sales, social portal data, etc. in each country. The rankings are released every Friday.

This week’s charts counted data from the 11th to the 17th, and V topped the charts in all three countries, the US, Japan and China. 

In the US chart, V’s “Layover” ranked No.1 with 5,877.94 points. V was followed by No.2 NCT with “Golden Age” (4,431.29 points), and No.3 NewJeans with “Get Up” (4,011.62 points). Moreover, Key, who recently made a comeback with “Good & Great” on the 11th, impressively placed 4th with 2,944.33 points.

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With a total score of 6,333.03 points, V dominated No.1 in the Japan chart for the second consecutive. Following V’s “Layover”, NewJeans’s “Get Up” came in second place with 3,641.81 points, while Key’s “Good & Great” appeared in third place with 2,991.74 points.

Lastly, the China chart showed V’s “Love Me Again” in 1st place with 14,193.86 points, followed by No.2 NewJeans’s “Get Up” (13,012.65 points) and No.3 RIIZE’s “Get A Guitar” (6,363.64 points).

Attention is focused on whether V will be able to maintain his No.1 position on the charts next week.

Source: Daum

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