NMIXX released a series of dreamlike concept photos but was accused of copying aespa

NMIXX – JYP’s rookie girl group – caught up in controversy again because their concept photos look like aespa.

The debut of NMIXX – JYP’s rookie girl group – has been the focus of attention in recent days.  Possessing an outstanding visual lineup and impressive talent, NMIXX is expected to make the competition between Gen 4 girl groups more interesting.

However, although it has not officially debuted, NMIXX has been entangled in many controversies.  JYP’s rookie is being accused of plagiarizing many senior girl groups. Specifically, after JYP released a series of “N” concept photos, NMIXX was accused of copying ideas from LOONA and aespa.

Recently, a series of concept photos “MIX” was announced, causing a stir because of the resemblance to aespaWhile the “N” concept was accused of copying aespa’s Savage concept, the “MIX” concept was said to be similar to aespa’s debut teaser image for Black Mamba. The similarity comes from the blue background, the sea animal details and the dreamy atmosphere.

NMIXX copying aespa
NMIXX’s “MIX” concept photo has a dreamy atmosphere
NMIXX copying aespa
The image of the JYP girls associated with the ocean, with sea creatures swimming around them
NMIXX copying aespa
NMIXX copying aespa
Many comments compare NMIXX’s concept photos with aespa’s debut concept photos

On Pann Nate, the topic of NMIXX imitating aespa’s Black Mamba concept received attention from Korean netizens.  Some people agree with the opinion that JYP is copying ideas from SM. But most of the comments disagreed with the reason: aespa was also accused of plagiarizing the concept!

Earlier in November 2020, after SM released a series of debut teaser photos for aespa, Bryan Huynh, a Canadian photographer and art director, accused aespa of plagiarizing his products. SM later resolved the issue by inviting Bryan Huynh to work with the concept design for aespa’s Next Level, but the plagiarism incident remains a mark on the SM girlgroup’s career.

NMIXX copying aespa
aespa was caught in a series of plagiarism scandals when they first debuted

Furthermore, many fans believe that the fantasy style with purple and pink backgrounds is a well-known style that is not exclusive to aespa or SM. Furthermore, the name of NMIXX’s debut song “AD MARE” has a meaning relating to the sea, implying that the “N” and “MIX” concept photos contain secret details about the ocean. This is a completely different concept from aespa’s Black Mamba or Savage concept.

NMIXX copying aespa
NMIXX fans claim that the concept is completely different
NMIXX copying aespa
from it of aespa

Some comments:

  • NMIXX’s debut single follows the concept of a fantasy sea, completely different.
  • But isn’t aespa the copycat?
  • Are aespa fans so worried that they have to find ways to smear a rookie group in that way?
  • JYP is learning from the way SM promoted aespa
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