The expensive hotels Kpop idols stay in when they go overseas 

With their overwhelming popularity, Kpop idols often stay in expensive five-star hotels when they have schedules overseas. 

When invited to attend events abroad, many Kpop idols are provided with luxurious accommodations like 5-stars hotels and resorts, and receive the best treatment there. Below are some prime examples. 

BTS Jungkook recently went to Qatar to perform in the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and his hotel may even be considered a palace. In particular, the male idol gets to enjoy extremely expensive services in a top-notch architecture, with views overseeing the seas. Moreover, it is said that all expenses for Jungkook’s stay were covered by FIFA. 

Jungkook hotel
BTS Jungkook stay in a palace-like hotel in Qatar
Jungkook hotel
Jungkook alongside employees at the hotel 
Jungkook hotel
The luxurious pool inside the hotel 
Jungkook hotel
It is said that FIFA took care of all expenses for Jungkook’s stay 

As a familiar face at Fashion Weeks, Jisoo got to stay in a luxurious hotel in Paris, which was prepared by Dior when she attended the recent Paris Fashion Week. In particular, her hotel was right in the center of Paris, with some parts even plated in gold. A night’s stay there was said to cost around 4,000 USD. 

Jisoo Blackpink paris fashion week
Dior prepared a luxury room for Jisoo during Paris Fashion Week
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo’s room overlooked the center of Paris 
blackpink jisoo
The BLACKPINK received extremely great treatment from Dior 
blackpink jisoo hotel
The hotel where Jisoo stay cost around 4,000 USD for one night’s stay 

Park Bo Gum, BTS V, and BLACKPINK Lisa were previously invited to France to attend a fashion show of luxury brand Celine. For this trip, the trio was arranged to stay in a 5-star hotel right within the heart of Paris, which boasts classical architecture with an open-space rooftop and a view overlooking Paris as a whole. They also traveled using a private jet provided by Celine. 

lisa bts v bo gum
The hotel where BTS V, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum stayed 
bts v
A photo of V at the luxurious hotel
BTS V hotel
The hotel boasts an open-space rooftop that oversees the beautiful scenery of Paris
BTS V Lisa thumbnail
The trio also used a private jet provided by Celine to travel 

As an ambassador for the jewelry brand Fred, IVE Jang Wonyoung was provided with an extremely luxurious room when she attended an event of the brand. The room also included flowers as decorations, as well as gifts from Fred itself. 

IVE Won Young
The hotel where Jang Wonyoung stayed was prepared by Fred 
IVE Won Young
The brand even decorated Wonyoung’s room with flowers and a welcome letter

Source: Yan 

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