Idol-actress Kang Mina ranked first at school, all to attend a Kpop concert

Former I.O.I member Kang Mina is currently active as an actress and attracting attention by sending a message of support to Seo In Guk .

On December 7th, Kang Mina posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “Our very cool In Guk said that his new song ‘Fallen’ has been released. Please love him a lot’. 

kang mina seo in guk

The photos show Kang Mina and Seo In Guk being affectionate with each other, making all sorts of poses from back-hugging, face to face, to wearing the same scarf. 

Previously, Kang Mina and Seo In Guk became close after starring together in the KBS2 drama “Café Minamdang”, which ended in August”. At the time, the two boasted that they were close enough to be brother and sister, and also exuded immense sibling chemistry. In addition, it seems that Kang Mina has shown support at the MV shooting of Seo In Guk’s new song. 

kang mina seo in guk

In response, Seo In Guk also expressed his affection by posting on Instagram with the caption, “I’m so grateful and moved that you said okay right away when I asked for help in the music video, even moving around all day while filming happily.”

Meanwhile, Kang Mina first appeared on the 2016 Mnet survival program “Produce 101” and started gaining popularity. At the time, the idol-actress was adored for her round and cute face, chubby and lively image, as well as charming personality.

kang mina

Having maintained her topicality throughout the show, Kang Mina eventually took 9th place in the final episode and succeeded in debuting as a member of the project girl group I.O.I.

After her debut, Kang Mina also appeared in variety shows and drew attention for her frank and witty talking skill. In addition, an episode of her during her school days was revealed in the JTBC reality program”With You 2” and became a hot topic. 

20th Century Boy and Girl

In particular, Kang Mina confessed on the program that she achieved first place at school right after being told that she would be able to go to a Teen Top concert if she did well in the exam. 

“My mother objected to me becoming a singer. She was worried about my studies”, Kang Mina said, adding, “I liked Teen Top, so I got first place in the whole school in order to go watch their concert”. 

At the same time, Kang Mina also made everyone laugh by admitting that without such incentive, she normally ranked around 168th. 

kim se jeong kang mina

Alongside her activities as a member of I.O.I, Kang Mina also debuted alongside fellow member Kim Se Jeong in the 9-member girl group gugudan. While gugudan itself did not evoke a great response, Mina was in charge of the dancing, rapping, and vocals, proving her outstanding musical skills and receiving attention.

20th Century Boy and Girl

Afterwards, Kang Mina also tried her hands at acting, and managed to captivate viewers with her innocent charm in 2017, when she played the young version of Han Ye Seul in the MBC drama “20th Century Boys and Girls”. Not only did Mina naturally pull off the school uniform fashion befitting her age at the time, but she also received favorable reviews for her stable acting skills that were not typical of a debut film. She would then continue to build up her experience with appearances in “Drama Stage – History of Walking Upright” and “Tale of Fairy”. 

Above all, she became recognized as an actress in 2019, after appearing in the tvN series “Hotel Del Luna”. Here, she assumes the role of Kim Yoo Na, an intern under hotel manager Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo). As a smart high school girl with a rather interesting background, she made a great combination with fellow hotel employee Ji Hyun Joong (played by Pyo Ji Hoon ), who understood and cared for her. 

hotel del luna

After “Hotel Del Luna”, Kang Mina went on to star in works such as “Midnight Horror: Six Nights”, “Moonshine”, and “Cafe Minamdang”, earring favorable reviews from viewers with her delicate and emotional portrayals. 

In the end, Kang Mina has established herself as an all-round entertainer in various fields, and expectations are high for her future activities.

Source: Daum

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