The ongoing online arguing between Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei: Barbie also got her hands dirty, Wang Xiaofei turned the situation around 

Newly exposed secrets of Barbie Hsu drew support to Wang Xiaofei. 

According to QQ, as the face-off between Barbie Hsu and her former husband Wang Xiaofei in the media continues, C-netizens discover more hidden aspects of the couple’s marriage that might not appear as it seems. 

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Barbie Hsu’s meticulous scheme 

QQ reported that the controversy sparked when Barbie Hsu accused her husband of not paying alimony of 5 million Taiwanese New Dollar as per his legal duty (160 thousand USD) with accompanying evidence. The accusation further tarnished his image in the public eye of an already smeared reputation. 

In response, Wang Xiaofei clapped back and said he spent 40.4 CNY (5.6 million USD) after the divorce to pay for the nanny, chauffeur, tuition fees and water and electrical bills for the condo Barbie is living in. He also made snide remarks of her new husband and singer Koo Jun Yub, saying the singer was leeching off him from his ex-wife. 

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While Barbie Hsu was trying to stay calm and not involved in online arguing, her mother, Huang Chunmei, and sister, Dee Hsu, provided incoherent replies. The responses infuriated Wang Xiaofei and he went on to expose his former wife’s family. Nonetheless, the behavior left a bad impression of the businessman on netizens as a noisy and uneducated person. 

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The battle for wealth between former spouses invited looks from outsiders 

Barbie Hsu refuted the claims of her using drugs or having an affair that Zhang Lan, Wang Xiaofei’s mother, was accusing her for. Zhang Lan became a liar for providing unreliable evidence. In the end, Barbie Hsu revealed the housing contract for two condos in Taiwan, to which she was the owner.  

According to QQ, the motive for her action was to turn herself into the victim and her ex a deadbeat, lousy husband. 

Wang Xiaofei clapped back at his ex-wife 

According to QQ, Wang Xiaofei may be ill-tempered and harsh with words, but he rarely makes bad remarks about his wife, fearing that it will tarnish his ex’s image in their children’s eyes. 

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Nevertheless, it is not the same for Barbie Hsu as she remarried 3 months following her divorce with Wang Xiaofei. His mother, Zhang Lan, also unraveled that her side of the family accepted disadvantaged conditions in return that her former daughter-in-law would not take another step and spend time with her children. The turn of events drew support for Wang Xiaofei in not paying any more alimony for Barbie Hsu, especially DJ Koo

Wang also had little respect for his wife and said sarcastically that DJ Koo could not contribute financially for Barbie Hsu and could not even buy a new mattress. Barbie Hsu lashed back by bringing the 2-million CNY (287 thousand USD) mattress to return to the Beijing businessman. Upon receiving the old mattress, Wang Xiaofei tore the mattress apart in front of the public to say he was not that needy. 

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Barbie Hsu lost her innocent front and was exposed of her calculated self 

Barbie Hsu lost her innocent image that had support from the public and became a crafty woman, wanting to leech off her husband. The condos under her name were exposed to be purchased by her husband but ended under Barbie’s name due to a difficulty of mobilizing money from China to Taiwan. An old TV appearance of Barbie Hsu also stated the same. 

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In addition, Wang Xiaofei released evidence that the headpiece and shoes worn by the newlyweds in the ceremony was also purchased using his money. Zhang Lan in her livestream also exposed Huang Chunmei, Barbie’s mother, of infiltrating with the elites to elevate the status of her two daughters. 

While each side has more hidden stories to take down the other, these ongoing smear campaigns are making themselves ridiculous in the public eye.

Source: K14

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