Seo In Guk talks about his new “Fallen” MV and mentions the appearance of Kang Mi Na

Seo In Guk revealed some behind-the-scenes stories about the music video for his comeback song “Fallen”.

Singer Navi hosted the December 8th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” as a special DJ on behalf of Kim Shin Young, who was on her vacation. Seo In Guk, who recently made a comeback as a singer by releasing the new song “Fallen”, appeared as a guest.

Seo In-guk

Seo In Guk released his new song “Fallen” on December 6th. This is his second single 6 months after the release of “LOVE&LOVE” in June. Seo In Guk reportedly produced “Fallen” and directed the music video himself.

On the radio show, Seo In Guk mentioned the first scene of “Fallen” music video with the burning piano. He explained, “I wrote the MV scenario and directed it by myself. You know that feeling? The feeling when you thought you already forgot about it, but when someone touches it, it will explode. I wanted to capture that. I wanted to symbolically capture the explosion in emotions when throwing away all the memories in the homes of a couple after breaking up and burning them with fire.”

Seo In-guk

He also revealed that the piano that he bought the piano from a second-hand market. Navi applauded and praised, “You’re so meticulous”, Seo In Guk responded, “As for the props, if you don’t really want something, you can get it through free sharing. I’ve bought tickets that way before.”

In “Fallen” music video, Seo In Guk’s close friend – actress Kang Mi Na appeared and acted as a couple with him. Regarding this, Seo In Guk said, “When I called her and asked if she could possibly appear in my MC, she immediately said ‘Of course’. I told my company and went to the shop alone.”

Regarding the casting through phone calls, he said, “In fact, it’s not easy at all. There is my company, and it was an MV filming, not a thing to joke about. However, that friend told me, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll try it somehow’. Mi Na is that that kind of friend”, expressing his gratitude for Kang Mi Na.

Source: Daum

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