“Hero” Kim Go Eun, “I wanted to express the emotions of my character and sing well at the same time”

Actress Kim Go Eun revealed her feelings about singing and acting at the same time through a musical film.

On the afternoon of December 8th, Kim Go Eun attended the press conference for the movie “Hero” at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Introducing her character, she said, “Seol Hee sings in the scenes where she expresses her emotions. Other than that, she’s a person who tends to hide her feelings.”

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Kim Go Eun played the role of Seol Hee, an independent military informant who was set to perform a secret mission in “Hero”. The actress said, “Seol Hee is a character who tries to not show any facial expressions in front of Japanese soldiers, like Itō Hirobumi, but as soon as she begins to sing, she will go with all her emotions. I worked really hard to prepare for this character because I wanted to express her emotions and sing well at the same time. I kept asking the director to do retakes on the filming set”. Recalling the filming period, Kim Go Eun said, “I couldn’t make loud noises at home, so I rent a practice room for some hours and practiced alone. I took lessons for 1-2 hours with the teachers and carefully prepared my performance.”

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Based on a musical of the same name, “Hero” depicts the unforgettable last year of Ahn Jung Geun, from when he was sentenced to death by the Japanese court after assassinating Itō Hirobumi in Harbin in October 1909 until the moment he died. In addition to Jung Sung Hwa, who plays the main character, actors Kim Go Eun, Na Moon Hee, Cho Jae Yoon, Bae Jung Nam, Lee Hyun Woo, and Park Jin Joo also appeared. The movie was directed by Yoon Je Kyoon and will premiere on December 21st. 

Source: Daum

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