“Snowdrop” director: “Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is so suitable for Youngro that I have to threaten her to accept this role”

“Snowdrop” director Jo Hyun Tak surprised everyone as he revealed that he threatened Jisoo to accept the role of Youngro.

During the press conference for the drama “Snowdrop“, when asked about the casting, director Jo Hyun Tak shared:

“At first, we didn’t intend to cast Jisoo because the script was still being written at that time and it was difficult to imagine what kind of person Youngro (the heroine’s name) was. We never planned to cast a rookie.”

“However, as soon as we saw Jisoo, we knew that she is the Youngro in our minds. The role was decided immediately. I don’t know if Jisoo remembers it or not but I threatened and asked her to tell her company that she really wants to do this!”

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