AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk, “I released an album, but my younger sister Lee Su Hyun did not contact”

Famous Lee Chan Hyuk confessed that he had no contact with his younger sister Lee Su Hyun.

lee chanhyuk

Lee Chan Hyuk of AKMU, who recently released a solo album, appeared as a guest on JTBC’s entertainment program “K-909,” which aired on the afternoon of October 22nd.

On this day, MC BoA asked, “You were always working with your younger sister, but this is the first time you have stood alone. I think you must have felt more burdened than when you were promoting as Akdong Musician (AKMU). Or do you feel more comfortable?”

lee chanhyuk

To this, Lee Chan Hyuk drew laughter by answering, “I think it was closer to the latter.”

lee chanhyuk

Lee Chan Hyuk then said, “Of course, when Su Hyun performs on stage together with me, my ears are happy. I thought that it was a good advantage that we were siblings, but I thought,`Let’s cut it all off and do everything I want to do in this promotion’.”

BoA asked about the reaction of Lee Chan-hyuk’s younger sister Lee Soo-hyun, who is working with him as AKMU, “Then, Soo-hyun must have heard of this work. What did she say?”

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Lee Chan-hyuk made everyone laugh by replying, “She hasn’t said anything special yet. The album came out, but she didn’t contact me.”

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