Even the teaser photo also looks like the movie poster, is TWICE really collaborating with Marvel?

TWICE rumors of collaborating with the Marvel cinema universe to promote the blockbuster “Avengers: End Game” is further proven with just a teaser picture!

Recently, netizens, as well as fans of TWICE, were extremely excited about the news that JYP’s girl group will combine with Marvel for the next comeback in April. According to a Weibo account posting this information, TWICE will come back at the same time as the blockbuster movie “Avenger: End Game” will be released at the end of next April. Also in this new MV, the girls will transform into superheroes in Marvel!

Whether true or false, this rumor has stirred up the Kpop fans!
The evidence which is quite convincing that the online community found out from the teaser series of TWICE
TWICE also participated in promoting “Captain Marvel” blockbuster.

The idea of ​​this rumor has subsided recently after TWICE released the first teaser photos for the group’s comeback on April 22. In it, it is worth noting that there is a photo with the shooting position arrangement that makes viewers think of … the poster for “Avengers: End Game”!

The teaser for the mini album “FANCY YOU” by TWICE

The photo is questioned by the online community …
… as the layout is quite similar to the movie “Avengers: End Game”.
All are still speculations, let’s wait until April 22 to see if TWICE’s comeback is related to Marvel or not!

Sources: k14

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