Lee Sung Kyung shares thoughts on working with longtime friend Kim Young Kwang as a romantic partner in “Call It Love”

Lee Sung Kyung praised her friend and “Call It Love” co-star Kim Young Kwang for his thoughtfulness and talent.

Lee Sung Kyung recently opened up about her experience working with longtime friend and co-star Kim Young Kwang in Disney+’s ongoing drama “Call It Love,” which is set to wrap up soon. 

During a interview with Wikitree held at a café in Seoul’s Sogyeok-dong on April 10th, Lee Sung Kyung shared her thoughts on Kim’s acting abilities and revealed a side of him that many may not have seen before.

Lee Sung Kyung

According to Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Kwang is an actor who puts a lot of thought and effort into his craft, meticulously considering even the smallest details. 

In “Call It Love,” Lee Sung Kyung plays Shim Woo Joo, a woman seeking revenge after witnessing her father’s affair in her youth, while Kim Young Kwang plays Han Dong Jin, a seemingly perfect man who is actually lonely and troubled on the inside.

As it turns out, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang have a personal connection beyond just their professional work together. They are both former models and have been friends for a long time, even almost working together on a movie in the past before the project fell through.

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Lee Sung Kyung praised Kim Young Kwang for his dedication and willingness to learn, stating that he doesn’t take his talent for granted and is always striving to improve. She said, “He’s doing well but he doesn’t pass it off easily. He reflects a lot, and he inspires and learns a lot.” 

She went on to share a behind-the-scenes story about a conversation they had with their director, in which she expressed her concerns about being able to handle the difficult scenes, and Kim Young Kwang took care of her more and showed more consideration for her because he knows her well.

Lee Sung Kyung

Through working closely with Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung was able to see firsthand how caring and thoughtful he is as a person, particularly when it comes to looking out for his colleagues. 

Lee Sung Kyung said, “When I saw him talking a lot when there are difficult situations or difficult scenes to shoot, I thought, ‘He’s really taking care of me, even though it must be hard for him too.'”

She emphasized that Kim Young Kwang is a “sensitive and talented actor” as well as a “great partner.”

Source: Wikitree

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