2021 most “hardworking bees” on South Korean television

In order to gradually be remembered by the public, these young stars continuously participated in different film projects this year

For various reasons such as tight schedules, health problems, or just personal preferences, it is common for reputed actors in South Korea to star in only one drama per year. But this year, things have changed. There are quite a few rising names with extremely hard work that overwhelmed audiences because of their project numbers. Let’s find out who they are.

Lee Do Hyun 

Best rookie actor of the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards is working at his full capacity to make his name remembered by the public. In May, Lee Do Hyun moved viewers to tears with his incomplete love story with Go Min Si in the drama Youth of May.

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He then embarked on a new project called Melancholia, in which he starred with the talented actress Im so Jung. The series is going to be aired on tvN on November 3rd, so viewers are about to see Lee Do Hyun’s good-looking charm and potential acting skills on the small screen again.

Han So Hee

Maybe her drama Nevertheless failed nationwide in terms of ratings, but it was still a successful work of Han So Hee, as it spread her reputation internationally. On October 15, Han So Hee will become an action star in a Netflix original drama called My Name.


Although this series is about to be released, it was filmed before Nevertheless, so Han So Hee had to put a lot of effort into changing her appearance to suit the image of each role. Let’s wait and see if no longer being blinded by love, will she bring us any surprise.

Song Kang

K-drama lovers this year must be surprised to see Song Kang’s face constantly on the small screen. In March, he was just a ballerina in Navillera and a boy experiencing unrequited love in Love Alarm 2. But in June, he has turned to be a bad boy in Nevertheless.  

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Though his acting is not highly praised, the rising star’s effort to change images and hard work is still appreciated. Song Kang is currently filming a new series with Park Min Young, so viewers are going to see him again soon.

 Jang Ki Yong

This year is the last one for Jang Ki Yong to be active before enlisting in the army, so it’s understandable why this handsome has worked so hard. Within the year, he has acted in My roommate is Gumiho with Lee Hyeri, and in upcoming November, he will co-star with Song Hye Kyo in the new drama Now, We Are Breaking Up


This upcoming series is regarded as an extremely good opportunity for Jang Ki Yong, because if successful, his reputation will be kept during military enlistment. Jang Ki Yong has both the look and the talent, so it would be perfect if he could join an outstanding project.

Kim So Hyun

Turning 22, Kim So Hyun also accelerated to claim her position as a mature actress. Both of her roles this year in Love Alarm 2 and River Where The Moon Rises have made a good impression on viewers and drew a lot of attention.

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Especially, difficulties in the filming process of the drama River Where The Moon Rises have made people love Kim So Hyun more. Through so much hard work, Kim So Hyun has been paid off with the nomination as Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards 2021.

Tang Joon Sang

Regarded as the new talent of Korean TV, Tang Joon Sang has improved a lot compared to the time when he took up a supporting role in Crash Landing On You. His two lead roles in 2021 are completely different portrayals of his acting.


In his drama Move to Heaven, he is a person who has difficulty communicating, with sincerity and somewhat foolishness. But in Racket Boys, he is a passionate middle school lad, somewhat impulsive but maturely understanding. Whatever personality it is, Tang Joon Sang performed very well and made the audience praise his talent. The future of the star born in 2003 will surely be bright. 

With the exception of Jang Ki Yong who is about to turn 30, the rest on this list are still very young, with two stars belonging to Generation Z – Kim So Hyun and Tang Joon Sang. This can be a very positive signal for the successful new generation of Korean actors. It is believed that not only these names, but also many other young actors of the Kimchi country will be found then brightly shine in the near future.

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