From “Juvenile Justice” to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, more than 10 legal dramas have been released this year

Netflix “Juvenile Justice”

Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice” was released in February this year. It is a humane court drama about the story of the newly appointed Judge Shim Eun-seok, a judge who hates juvenile offenders, at the juvenile court of a local court. The series received favorable reviews for the director’s detailed directing and actors’ good performance.

tvN “Military Prosecutor Doberman” / SBS “Again My Life”

As you can see from the title of tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” the drama is set in a military court, and SBS’s “Again My Life” is also a drama about a hot-blooded prosecutor giving the absolute punishment to bad guys.

MBC “Doctor Lawyer”/ SBS “Why Her?”

MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer” and SBS’ “Why Her?” are two completely different works, but they also have something in common. Both have lawyers as the main characters and both are weekend dramas aired on Friday/Saturday on repsective channel. In addition, JTBC’s “Insider” is also about a judicial trainee who fell into the abyss.

ENA’s strange lawyer, Woo Young Woo

And ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which is the most recent legal drama and is widely loved by the public, portraying the process of Woo Young-woo, a new lawyer with both a genius brain and autism spectrum.

Coincidentally or not, the most popular genre of this year is definitely legal drama. More than 7 legal dramas have already been released on each channel in the first half alone, and more legal dramas will be released in the second half.

One of the upcoming dramas is KBS’s “Love as the Law.” Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young will play a building owner who was a prosecutor and a lawyer who was from Miss Korea, respectively. The drama will premiere at the end of August.

Subsequently, “1,000 Won Lawyer” will be aired on SBS at the end of September. Nam Goong-min, who has won two year-end awards consecutively, is said to be going to fight the lawmakers through the role of Chun Ji-hoon, a lawyer who boasts his best skills but receives only 1,000 won in fees.

In October, Lee Se-hee, who was greatly loved for her role as “Park Dan-dan” in “Gentleman and Young Lady” last year, is expected to return as a prosecutor on KBS’ “Truth Game” with Do Kyung-soo of EXO and give the viewers a refreshing story.

Lastly, JTBC’s “The Empire of the Law,” which is expected to have Ahn Jae-wook and Kim Sun-ah, is a romantic drama about the scandal of the supreme court nobles who dream of hereditary succession. Will there be a legal drama that will surpass the stronghold of the works released in the first half of this year?

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