Amid ILLIT’s encore controversy, BLACKPINK’s first encore stage gained attention

BLACKPINK is always mentioned by fans whenever Kpop encounters "encore disasters"

Recently, ILLIT – the youngest girl group under HYBE, won their first music trophy in their career with the song “Magnetic.” On The Show stage, ILLIT also performed an encore to express gratitude to their fans. However, with this live singing challenge, HYBE’s new girl group failed to fully conquer it. While Korean members Minju, Yunah, and Wonhee were considered quite stable, the “Japanese line” disappointed the audience.

ILLIT’s Controversial Encore

Once again, HYBE’s vocal training has been criticized. Fans pointed out that the entertainment company focuses too much on concepts and catchy hooks while neglecting the core element of an artist’s performance – live singing. All three girl groups under HYBE, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, and the newest one, ILLIT, face a common issue regarding vocal abilities.

The most popular member of ILLIT – Moka, receives the most criticism. Moka’s weak voice was exposed despite her singing lines not being overly long or complex. Many even compare Moka to Sakura of LE SSERAFIM.

I’LL-IT drops profile images

However, many fans also came to ILLIT’s defense. Regarding Moka’s unconvincing performance, supporters explained her trembling voice was due to prior crying, unable to control her emotions. Despite this explanation, public opinion remained divided. Once again, BLACKPINK’s “rookie era” encored served as evidence of “rebuttal.”

BLACKPINK, a global girl group, is always mentioned whenever Kpop faces “encore disasters.” This time is no exception. BLACKPINK’s strength lies in their consistent performance skills, each member having their own strengths. Jennie is the iconic all-rounder, then Rosé is the undisputed main vocalist with a unique voice that stands out.

BLACKPINK sings encore with their first music trophy for “Whistle”

As such, fans cited BLACKPINK’s encore to celebrate their first music trophy for “Whistle.” After a remarkable win within 7 days of debut, BLACKPINK couldn’t contain their emotions. Members Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé were seen crying while singing. However, their performance remained stable.

At that time, BLACKPINK was also just “wet behind the ears,” yet their performance was incredibly solid, not resembling rookies at all. Both skill maturity and charisma always topped the charts, a prerequisite that helped the four girls conquer prestigious stages like Coachella. To achieve this, BLACKPINK members spent 4-5 years in rigorous training, undergoing intense monthly tests.

Placed next to BLACKPINK, ILLIT’s vocal weaknesses become more apparent. While HYBE successfully builds youthful, dynamic girl groups representing the new generation, the training time is relatively short. Hence, skill gaps are inevitable. Kpop fans suggest that the company should focus more on training vocal skills for trainees.

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