6 Korean actors unsuitable for historical dramas: Lee Min Ho gives off the wrong vibes, Park Seo Joon is called a “disaster”

There were times when the following famous Korean actors showed their downgrade in on-screen visuals by starring in historical dramas. 

Besides the dramas set in the modern time, Korean historical dramas are also well-loved by many audiences. Even when they have top-notch visuals and attractive auras, not all actors are suitable to play characters in historical dramas. The 6 following actors are typical examples.

1. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is surely known as Korea’s “prince of modern dramas” for a reason. This is because Lee Min Ho’s big face and angular features cause the handsome actor to be “mismatched” with the standards of historical dramas.

2. Lee Dong Wook

“Handsome ahjussi” Lee Dong Wook is another case who doesn’t suit historical looks. Lee Dong Wook’s Gumiho character in “Tale of the Nine Tailed” would have been prettier if not for his disastrous hairstyle and hanbok.

k-drama actor
Lee Dong Wook’s feminine look makes fans of historical dramas panic
k-drama actor
While in the drama Goblin, Lee Dong Wook still looks gorgeous as always

3. Son Naeun

Naeun used to shock the fans of Korean dramas with her look in the historical drama The Great Seer. In the drama, because she barely wore any makeup, Na Eun disappointed viewers because of her pale, lifeless face. Na Eun’s hairstyle in the drama also makes her face look chubbier.

4. Seo Hyun Jin

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Seo Hyun Jin is known as the “queen of rom-com”.  Perhaps that’s why the actress received a lot of mixed reactions when starring in a historical drama. Most viewers think that Seo Hyun Jin’s facial features and aura look too “modern” and not appropriate for historical dramas.

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5. Kim Ji Won


Kim Ji Won used to be criticized for her historical styling when she debuted in Detective K: Secret of the Bloodsucking Demon. Perhaps because of her modern beauty, Kim Ji Won’s charisma when starring in the historical genre does not seem to be as excellent as other hit series like Descendants of the Sun or Fight For My Way.

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6. Park Seo Joon

Up to now, perhaps Hwarang is the Korean historical drama with the styling that leaves viewers the most speechless. When Hwarang first aired, many viewers were in shock because of the male lead’s disastrous styling despite how handsome Park Seo Joon is. However, there are many viewers who think that none of the 6 lead actors, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Minho, V, Do Ji Han or Jo Yoon Woo are suitable for costumes of the Shilla era.

k-drama actor
The handsome male leads suffered a downgrade in visuals in Hwarang

Source: K14

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