Don’t “ship” TWICE with BTS anymore, actually TWICE are the “fan girls” of this group

TWICE publicly showed that they were true fan girls of “Oh My Girl” at Gimpo airport.

twice, outfit, fashion, sweatshirt, ohmygirl, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Jungyeon, friendship
twice, ohmygirl,monkey,fangirl,gimpo,airport,friendship
twice, outfit, fashion, sweatshirt, ohmygirl, Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Jungyeon
3 TWICE members wearing matching sweatshirts with 3 monkeys on them

After coming back from the event KCON in Japan, TWICE girls made K-pop fans extremely surprised at Gimpo airport. The reason is that instead of wearing luxurious outfits from famous brands, some of them decided to wear matching sweatshirts with three monkeys on them.

Their fans then found out that these sweatshirts were official merchandise of “Oh My Girl” and sold during their recent comeback with “Banana Allergy Monkey”. To order these special sweatshirts, “Oh My Girl” ‘s fans struggled and had to fight hard because this merchandise was limited. Luckily, TWICE girls were able to buy these sweatshirts, so they wore them to the airport to support “Oh My Girl”.

Girl group "Oh My Girl" has many beautiful members
Girl group “Oh My Girl” has many beautiful members

The friendship between TWICE and Oh My Girl has been very famous in K-pop for a long time. Both groups used to cover each other’s hits to support their friends. Especially, ONCEs even nickname Nayeon “the leader of Oh My Girl’s fanclub” because she is a too enthusiastic fan girl. Whenever both groups attend the same event, they get very excited because they can meet and talk to their friends. Though only one of them wins trophy, the other group always feels happy for their friends and never forgets to congratulate them.

twice, ohmygirl,monkey,fangirl,gimpo,airport,friendship

“Oh My Girl” is not really an outstanding girl group at present, but they are loved by many female colleagues from their sunbaes to hoobaes. True friendships are hard to find in showbiz, so both TWICE’s and Oh My Girl’s fans are very happy because their idols have a really amazing and admirable friendship.

TWICE & Oh My Girl used to cover each other's hits
TWICE & Oh My Girl used to cover each other’s hits
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