Kyuhyun’s sister details Super Junior’s life-threatening car accident 16 years ago

Kyuhyun’s sister revealed how she felt when the news of her brother’s car accident came out.

In April 2007, four Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, and Shindong were in a terrifying car accident. It was reported that a flat tire caused the car to flip in the middle of the road. Kyuhyun suffered the most injury as he had a broken rib and penetrated lungs. At the time, the male idol was said to face a 20% chance of losing his voice if he went through surgery. Nonetheless, he persevered and was able to preserve both his life and voice. 3 months after the horrifying accident, the singer recovered miraculously and was discharged from hospital. 

kyuhyun older sister

In KBS2’s “Walking into Frenzy” aired on July 3, Kyuhyun’s sister, Jo A Ra, appeared and spoke for the first time about her brother’s life-threatening accident. Jo A Ra recalled memory of the day she received the news, “During that time, I was studying abroad and in the middle of a semester. I didn’t have the money to purchase a plane ticket, so I desperately turned to my phone and the internet, begging, ‘Please save Kyuhyun.’

 She also reserved the greatest love for her brother, saying his existence solely is “incredibly precious and irreplaceable,” adding, “No matter what Kyuhyun says, everything about him is beautiful and precious to me.”

Source: allkpop 

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