Actress Lizzy revealed that she has gained 7kg during the period reflecting on herself after the drunk driving scandal

Actress Lizzy, who is reflecting on herself after a drunk driving accident, revealed her super-thin body despite gaining weight.

On the 19th, Lizzy posted a picture on her Instagram saying, “I’m happy.”

lizzy instagram story

In the posted photo, Lizzy is taking a photo of herself in a full-length mirror. Wearing a cap, pink t-shirt, and leggings, Lizzie revealed her thin limbs and chopstick-thin body.

lizzy instagram

Despite revealing her thin body, Lizzy confessed that she gained weight from 41kg to 48kg.Lizzie, who recently said “I gained weight after eating only home-cooked meals,” is preparing to return by living a healthy life during self-reflection

lizzy instagram

Meanwhile, Lizzie was fined in May last year for hitting a taxi near the southern intersection of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, while driving drunk.

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