BLACKPINK Lisa: an insightful person who never fails to care for people around her

Despite her huge popularity, BLACKPINK Lisa is one of the kindest Kpop idols whose every action shows her attentiveness. 

BLACKPINK Lisa has always been praised for her kind and insightful actions, and fans can’t help but take pride over the female idol. Every gesture and expression of Lisa is extremely insightful and caring of the people surrounding her. 

Lisa Celine Show
BLACKPINK Lisa is hailed for her personality

Recently, Lisa, alongside BTS V and famous actor Park Bo Gum attended a Celine fashion show in Paris together. Despite all three being huge stars, Park Bo Gum was not as well-recognized in the West as much as his two colleagues. Therefore, many unknowing reports would exclude the actor, while hounding Lisa and V. 

However, this quickly caught the attention of Lisa, who never failed to care for her senior. Every time the female idol was asked to move, she’d turn around to observe and stayed close to Park Bo Gum so that he’d not feel left out. Her cute interactions with the actor also became the talk of town, as both were extremely attentive towards each other. 

lisa park bo gum
Lisa waited for Park Bo Gum and kept a close distance so that the actor wasn’t left out
lisa park bo gum
Many netizens spent lots of praise for the female idol 
lisa park bo gum
The youngest member of BLACKPINK is always super kind in her actions
lisa bts v bo gum
The viral photo of Lisa, V, and Park Bo Gum

Previously, when many Korean celebrities were criticized for masquerading promotional posts on their Instagram, Lisa was mentioned as a contrasting example. In particular, at the time, the female idol posted a photo of herself with a Celine bag, and added the hashtag #Celine to clarify that her post was sponsored. 

A hashtag is enough to show how thoughtful Lisa is
blackpink lisa calvin klein instagram
Lisa is always transparent about receiving sponsors and sharing ad posts

When she made a solo debut with “LALISA”, Lisa received plenty of praise for incorporating Thai culture in the MV. She wore a traditional Thai costume, looking like a glamorous queen. Working in Korea as a K-pop idol, Lisa always makes sure she shows how proud she is of her home country. 

Lisa stuns in the traditional Thai costume in her solo debut MV

In the survival show “Youth With You” where Lisa served as a mentor, she paid attention to the trainees’ profiles. When finding out a contestant spent 10 years away from home but has yet to achieve success, Lisa shed tears because she could understand the struggles of being on your own to pursue your dreams. Lisa wrote a letter talking about the hardships she went through and cheering the trainees on. 

Finally, Esther Yu got the contact number of her idol
Lisa sweetly encouraged the trainees on “Youth With You” 
Lisa Celine Show
Lisa has always been a sweetheart, drawing empathy with her personality 
Lisa became the pick of various brands partly thanks to her likable personality 
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