Wonder Girls Hye-rim shares, “There was a time when I couldn’t perform with the group because I failed to lose weight”

Woo Hye-rim confessed her experience of not being able to perform with Wonder Girls members because she failed to diet.

KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “Godfather”, which aired on June 29th, depicted the struggles that Kim Sook and Jonathan’s siblings faced when going on a diet. Jonathan revealed that he couldn’t stand dieting and eventually ate snacks at midnight. Kim Sook said the same thing. 

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Regarding the difficulties in dieting, Woo Hye-rim surprised everyone when she said, “During my activities with Wonder Girls, I was the only person who couldn’t lose weight so there was a time when the group performed without me”.

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In response, Lee Geum-hee said, “You must have been very stressful”. Most celebrities worry about dieting, but the stress from dieting is beyond imagination for idols, especially girl group idols. In response, Oh My Girl’s Seung-hee said, “I was really tired when having such stress. So I turned on all the lights in the practice room and danced madly”, adding that she could understand Hye-rim’s story.

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