“Tired world star?” V’s appearance on his return to Korea is so different from that when he left for France

Was the schedule in Paris, France too hard for him?

Earlier on June 24th, V left for Paris on a private plane at Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC) in Gangseo-gu with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bo-gum. Before his departure, V did various poses for fans and reporters who came to see him. He showed off his global star appearance by smiling brightly and making the V-sign in front of the cameras.

4 days later, on June 28th, V returned and arrived in Korea through the same aviation center. The place was once again crowded with reporters and ARMYs from early morning. Arriving at 12:30 p.m, V appeared in a black hoodie, yellow shorts, sunglasses, and slippers. This time, V was so tired after the long flight that he quickly got in the car and left.

Lisa and Park Bo-gum, who also completed the same schedule, did fanservice for fans and greeted the reporters nicely with bright smiles until the end. In the case of V, many people waited 5 hours to see him but he left within a few seconds without a greeting. Naturally, some expressed their regrets. 

In the end, V went on fan community Weverse and said, “Reporters. ARMYs. I’m sorry for getting in the car right away. You waited for such a long time, right? I brought you all a present!”. He added a picture of stars that seems to have been taken during his flight to thank and apologize to fans.

Although he later apologized, V inevitably received criticism from the public as the act of bowing is so important in the Kpop industry and some idols got into trouble for not bowing before.

Source: Daum

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