New allegations of Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence appear… Is he the perpetrator or the “scarlet letter”?

We shouldn’t hastily jump to conclusions regarding the rumors surrounding Nam Joo Hyuk

On June 28th, Sports Kyunghyang reported an interview with A, who claimed to have been assaulted by Nam Joo-hyuk during high school days. According to the media outlet, A is a different person from B, who first raised suspicions of Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence.

Nam Joo-hyuk

A claimed that Nam Joo-hyuk used his smartphone at will and he suffered financial damage as a result. A also complained of pain, claiming that Nam Joo-hyuk was one of the perpetrators of bullying, including unwanted fist fights and coercive orders (bread shuttle).

An official from Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency, Management SOOP, told Maeil Business Newspaper Star Today that the disclosure was “groundless”.

Suspicions of school violence surrounding Nam Joo-hyuk were first raised on June 20th when the online media outlet The Days reported an interview with B. B claimed that Nam Joo-hyuk was a perpetrator of school violence with abusive language and assault, and that he had been bullied by Nam Joo-hyuk’s group for 6 years.

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At that time, when Nam Joo-hyuk was pointed out as the perpetrator of school violence, his agency said, “After checking the issue in the initial article with the actor, we confirmed that all of the content was not true at all. In addition, it is a regret that the media unilaterally published their article without confirming the fact with our agency and actor.”

They continued, “It is the actor and his family who suffer the most from this vague and false gossip rumor that broke out without confirmation. We feel truly miserable and sad that our agency and the actor would be branded with a bad impression because of articles that were published based on some random rumors on the Internet with a vague expression of ‘true or not’ even when we confirm it as ‘false rumor’.” On June 24th, Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency started taking legal action by filing a complaint against the media outlet.

Nam Joo-hyuk

In fact, there have been exposures that many celebrities are perpetrators of school violence, and it has been revealed to be true. Efforts to prevent school violence are necessary, but there have been reports of false information hiding behind anonymity. In particular, in the case of famous people such as artists, it is necessary to approach it more carefully because scarlet letters may be stigmatized as perpetrators of school violence.

The truth battle over Nam Joo-hyuk’s alleged school violence is expected to continue. As legal procedures have already begun, it seems that right or wrong will be determined in future trials.

Source: Daum

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