Choi Woo-sik and Kim Da-mi finally call each other husband and wife in the last episode of “Our Beloved Summer”

In the last episode of “Our Beloved Summer,” Choi Woo-sik proposed to Kim Da-mi.

Photo = SBS's "Our Beloved Summer”
Photo = SBS’s “Our Beloved Summer”

In the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer,” which aired on January 25th, a “Book Donation Event with Woong” was hosted by Choi Woong (Choi Woo-sik)’s parents at a music library.

On that day, Kook Yeon-soo (played by Kim Da-mi) helped Choi Woong to organize books on the second floor. However, Choi Woong drew a picture on the empty page of a book while organizing. In response, Kook Yeon-soo approached Choi Woong and said, “What are you doing not putting anything in? “Why are you drawing?” and took away the book. However, Kook Yeon-soo was surprised that Choi Woong was drawing her in high school.

Choi Woong said in a narration, “There is a ‘year’ that everyone can’t forget. It is precious enough for us to live all the years with that memory.” And he said to us, “That year is not over yet.” Choi Woong then proposed, “Yeon-soo. Let’s get married.”

Meanwhile, in the epilogue, Kook Yeon-soo and Choi Woong were gardening at Choi Woong‘s house. At that time, Kim Ji-woong (played by Kim Sung-chul) appeared and said, “Let’s film. You guys have to film this.” Choi Woong said, “Hey, are you crazy?” “Are you going to film us again?” Kim Ji-woong said, “Your last documentary is also on the rise of popularity again. So why did you get married? People want to see your married life,” he replied.

Kook Yeon-soo said, “Don’t we have any privacy?” and Choi Woong shouted, “Are we slaves who have to show everything when you ask us to?” But the two eventually sat in front of the camera and said, “Hello. It’s husband and wife Choi Woong and Kook-soo,” waving.


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