LE SSERAFIM’s shocking appetite, 3 people can’t finish one serving of ramen?

The eating habits of girl group LE SSERAFIM has put fans and the public alike in great shock. 

There are many members in LE SSERAFIM who are known to eat sparingly. Last year, Sakura appeared on a Naver NOW webs show and shocked fans by saying LE SSERAFIM can’t finish a can of Pringles (a brand of potato chips) at once.

At that time, Sakura was asked if girl groups cannot finish a can of Pringles, to which Sakura said, “We finish it, but we split it over 4 days”. “We feel full so we eat a little bit at a time. Even when we order delivery, we never finish it all. We’re so full we can’t eat, that’s the problem”, she also explained.


On the other hand, it was recently revealed that Sakura and Hong Eunchae often cook and eat just one serving of Japan together, shocking fans. 

Particularly, it was reported that even when Kim Chaewon joined them for ramen, yet there was still ramen left over, which again shocked fans.

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Netizens who saw this responded with comments like, “How do they even survive?” and “They are very slim, but they eats too little.”

Meanwhile, on the May 21st episode of SBS’ “Inkigayo”, LE SSERAFIM wrapped up their 3-week promotion for “UNFORGIVEN”. Now, they are about to start their activities for the follow-up song.

Source: Insight

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