Nam Joo-hyuk sues the media outlet and informant that reported him as a school violence perpetrator

Nam Joo-hyuk‘s agency Management Forest said on Jun 24th, “Actor Nam Joo-hyuk has filed a criminal complaint against The Days’ reporter Min OO, who wrote the false article, the CEO of this media outlet, and the anonymous informant for violating the Information Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act (defaming one’s reputation).”

Nam Joo-hyuk

It added, “We desperately hope that the truth of this case will be clearly revealed through a quick investigation and that actor Nam Joo-hyuk’s tarnished reputation will be restored.”

Earlier on Jun 20th, The Days reported that Nam Joo-hyuk was a school violence perpetrator, borrowing the words of an anonymous informant. This informant claimed through the media that Nam Joo-hyuk was one of the bullies and used abusive language and assaulted them every day. They also added that there were more victims besides them, and explained that some of the victims were undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Nam Joo-hyuk

Meanwhile, Nam Joo-hyuk, a former model, has appeared in a number of dramas and is active as an actor. He was loved for playing Baek Yi-jin, the male lead of tvN’s “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” which recently ended.

Source: Daum


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