“Elvis” director, “BLACKPINK Rosé said that she first heard the name of Elvis Presley in an animated series”

Director Baz Luhrmann of the film “Elvis” told an anecdote of his conversation with BLACKPINK member Rosé about Elvis.

A live conference for the movie “Elvis” was held at Wangsimni CGV in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on June 28th with the attendance of director Baz Luhrmann and actor Austin Butler. “Elvis” is a movie that tells about the process of Elvis (Austin Butler), an unknown singer who drives a truck, becoming a legend after his meeting with star-maker Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), who realizes his talent at first glance, and heating up the world with his music and performances. 

Director Baz Luhrmann revealed that he had a chance to talk about Elvis Presley with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, who is a Korean-New Zealand. He laughed and said, “When I brought up the story about Elvis while talking with Rosé, she said she first heard his name in an animated series called ‘Lilo & Stitch’.

Rose Blackpink
Rose Blackpink

He added, “I wanted to remind everyone that Elvis Presley was the best icon in history and he was that impressive and legendary. He is the one who created the culture that is still popular nowadays. I think Elvis Presley is the founder of the music world, culture, and even K-pop. I wanted to emphasize that he had the idol-like aspect that is no different from that of young generations nowadays.”

Source: daum

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