S.E.S’s Bada looks the same all these years, but the bigger her daughter gets, the more doll-like she becomes 

Bada from S.E.S shared a video “Little Bada”, drawing netizens’ attention.

On February 21st, S.E.S’s Bada posted a video on her SNS with the caption, “I am your girl ~ I hope you believe in me ~ Stay with me.” There was a reason she quoted the lyrics of S.E.S’s iconic song “I’m your girl”. 

Bada daughter
Bada daughter

In the video, her daughter Rua, who looks just like Bada, is shown taking a walk. Rua looks adorable and seems to have only inherited pretty genes from her parents, such as the big eyes and convex forehead.

Particularly noticeable is Rua’s hairstyle. Her ponytail with a big bubble hair tie reminds netizens of Bada’s appearance during her rookie days. When S.E.S released their 1st album, Bada had the same hairstyle.

Bada daughter

Netizens left comments, “She looks exactly like Bada in S.E.S’s first album,” “She is so pretty,” and “She’s got her mom’s hair tie.”

Meanwhile, in March 2017, Bada became a hot topic by announcing the news of her marriage to a businessman 10 years younger than her. She gave birth to her first daughter after 3 and a half years of marriage.

Source: Daum

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