IVE Liz receives mixed reactions after appearing with weight gain

The latest images of Liz, a member of IVE, in a recent event, are drawing attention due to her strange weight gain.

As one of the most prominent girl groups in 2022, IVE has always been the talk of town on SNS platforms. However, alongside their consecutive hits, IVE also draws a lot of controversial opinions after around 1 year of activities. The visuals of members, for example, has never ceased being a hot topic, with Jang Wonyoung, Gaeul, and Ahn Yujin constantly praised. In addition, Liz also caught a lot of eyes when she dyed her hair platinum, and was even compared to a doll. 

Liz caught a lot of eyes with her powerful vocals and doll-like appearance

However, since she’s in her adolescence, Liz struggles to maintain a stable weight. From time to time, the female idol would appear with chubbier cheeks, which enhances her cute features and adds to her youthful charms. However, recently in the Yokohama, Japan stop of IVE’s fan concert “The Prom Queens”, Liz’s appearance drew mixed reactions from netizens. In particular, these people accused Liz of “neglecting self-management”, and described her weight gain as “alarming”. 

Liz’s appearance at the Yokohama stop of IVE’s fan concert “The Prom Queens”

In certain photos and videos taken at the fan concert, Liz can be seen looking noticeably rounder compared to the past, leading to several malicious comments. However, other footage provided by fans show Liz in a different light, proving that the aforementioned photos and videos may have been spreaded with bad intentions. 

A photo of Liz provided by fans, where the female idol looks extremely cute with her chubby cheeks
A close-up video also showcases Liz’s cute visuals

All in all, it seems that the controversial footage which is being spreaded may have been taken at a bad moment, and maliciously edited by anti-fans. The female idol might have been smiling, and the odd angle did not do her a favor. It is also known that previously at the airport and in the Korea stop of “The Prom Queens”, Liz still looks outstanding with proportions fitting of her age. 

Liz’s visuals at the airport 
Liz at the Korea stop of IVE’s fan concert 

Source: k14

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