Park So-dam confessed on “2PM Date with Muzi and Ahn Young-mi”, “I want to go to Girls’ Generation’s concert”

Actress Park So-dam expressed her fangirl heart toward Girls’ Generation on “2PM Date with Muzi and Ahn Young-mi”.

MBC FM4U’s “2PM Date with Muzi and Ahn Young-mi” (hereinafter referred to as “2PM Date”), which aired on the afternoon of Oct 3rd, featured actress Park So-dam as a special DJ on behalf of Muzi and Ahn Young-mi, who is going on vacation.

One listener sent, “Please play a song on your playlist.” Park So-dam said, “That’s why I brought this. Originally, I heard that this time was a time for Muzi to recommend songs that he personally likes. I’m also trying to abuse this DJ power,” she jokingly said.

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“My song recommendation is Girls’ Generation’s ‘Forever 1’. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, and it also appeared there yesterday. #1 among songs I listened to the most in September,” she added. Park So-dam said, “I listen to this song when I drive and when I exercise. While listening, I even contacted Yuri and confessed, ‘The song is so good’.”


Park confessed, “I want to go to their concert. I really want to go to their concert,” she said, “Yuri, are you listening?”

Source: Daum

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