Tragedy of eliminated trainees: Forced to sleep with investors, dark future

For trainees excluded from the debut line-up, their next days are like living in hell.

As a Kpop fan, you must have wanted to become a trainee and debuted in an idol group. However, not everyone has the luck and talent to be in the debut line-up after the hard training period. If trainees are successful, they will succeed in following dream but if they fail, the eliminated trainees will face extremely horrifying experiences.

Recently, a post on Pann forum created by Kpop trainees to share stories about the harsh training period quickly attracted the attention of netizens. After listening to these stories, netizen will probably understand some of the sufferings that only insiders know and the trainee life is not as good as many people think.

The trainee’s life is not as good as many people think. (Illustration)

At the beginning of the topic, a trainee who had just been removed from the team shared that she had been a trainee for 5 years for more than 3 different companies but ended up being eliminated. She always buried her head in the practice room and successfully completed the training sessions but it seemed that this intern hasn’t gotten much luck.

This year, she is 19 years old and if she waits for 5 more years of practice, she will definitely be disqualified because she is too old to be an idol. However, if she leaves the company now, this trainee has to find a new job but it is not easy because she doesn’t know anything except being in the practice room.

Trainees have to exchange their childhoods to bury themselves into non-stop exercise.

The failure of not being debuted is only at a normal level because other interns are also faced with many dangerous traps that come from the perverts in the entertainment world. A trainee shared that her friend received a request for funding from the PDs. Even though she refused the offer, she was beaten up by other trainees, so she was finally forced to sleep with an uncle about 30-40 years old.

They were even forced to sleep with the sponsors. (Illustration)

Not only that, after being disqualified, trainees still have to work hard to find a job to earn a living. While friends were studying, the trainees kept their heads buried during the training days and ended up losing everything. And the process of finding a job is not easy because no company wants to receive trainees who have no experience.

After being eliminated, they must work hard to make a living.

Netizens can’t help but pay attention to the sharing of a friend who has a trainee on EXO’s debut list but is disqualified and is currently working as a part-time employee. Not only did the trainees but the idols who have been released but not getting enough attention also had to work hard to earn a living through the day.

Being a popular idol is really tempting, but not everyone can understand the cost they pay. Therefore, fans who love Kpop should not underestimate being an idol because, in order to have the present glory, they have to exchange the most precious things and sometimes their own lives. What do you think about the sharing?

Source: YanNews

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