IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon bursts into tears after losing against professional dancers

Competing against too strong dancers, Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE) ended up getting sad results.

Recently, Mnet has launched a new show called Street Woman Fighter. This is a fierce dance competition between experienced and famous female dancers in Korea. Therefore, the fact that Chaeyeon – an idol, not a professional dancer, became a contestant on the show has made her face many difficulties.

Although Chaeyeon is known as one of the best dancers among idols, the former member and main dancer of IZ*ONE’s talent is apparently not enough for a tough competition like Street Woman Fighter. Chaeyeon was not only looked down on by the other contestants at first but also repeatedly lost in dance battles. Having to receive various negative reviews has caused the female idol to have a mental breakdown.

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Chaeyeon is one of the famous idols with outstanding dancing skills, but when she attended Street Woman Fighter, she was the most underrated.
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She participated in the WANT team, was greatly supported by her teammates, but not many other teams appreciated her ability.
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Chaeyeon is constantly being considered by other contestants as having the weakest skills
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She even competed in four matches and lost all four. Too depressed, she hugged her teammates and cried

When she went into a battle with Lee Jung – the captain of the dance crew YGX, who is also the choreographer of many famous dances of BLACKPINK, TWICE, ITZY, etc, Chaeyeon ended up in a complete defeat. Chaeyeon’s performance was not bad, but it was boring and not outstanding enough, especially when being compared to an experienced dancer like Lee Jung, who could easily showcase her talent and knew how to create outstanding highlights that made the whole studio admire. As a result, all 3 judges voted for Lee Jung. The captain of YGX had an overwhelming victory over Chaeyeon.

Dance Battle – YGX Lee Jung, Want Chaeyeon ( Street Woman Fighter)
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Lee Jung was confident with her attractive choreography
chaeyeon street woman fighter 23890808398923 scaled 1
While Chaeyeon had an unexplosive performance
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As a result, the captain of YGX received all 3 votes from the judges and received the victory.

Seeing Chaeyeon being faced with the fierce reality, Knets showed little surprise or pity. Most netizens think that this is a tough contest that Chaeyeon should have considered from the beginning if she didn’t want to receive harsh results.

Some comments from netizens:

  •  Honestly, idols shouldn’t be competing in shows like this. This is a competition for the best dancers in the underground world.
  • I’ve always appreciated Lee Chaeyeon’s skills but the ones she battled against are real dancers.
  • As expected of a dance battle, you will see the real difference between an idol and a professional dancer.
  • I think it’s weird for the show to have two idols as judges, and then let another idol compete with real dancers.
  • Of course, there’s a difference in skill between choreographers and those who just dance along.
  • It’s okay, Chaeyeon-ah. You will improve.
  • Well, let’s see, she competes with experienced choreographers, so the results are not surprising.
  • Stop being mean to Chaeyeon.
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