BTS Jimin is defined as “King of Kpop” by Urban Dictionary

This is the third consecutive year Jimin (BTS) has been voted for the title “King of Kpop”.

BTS Jimin Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary for slang words and phrases that are not commonly found in standard dictionaries.  It is affiliated with the Naver English Dictionary.

 On January 6, Urban Dictionary responded to a netizen on Twitter by sending the definition of King of K-pop which reads as, “King of K-pop, Park Jimin member of the extraordinary boyband BTS.”

BTS Jimin Urban Dictionary
It also added “Park Jimin was labeled the king of kpop and now hoes mad, your oppar could never.”
BTS Jimin Urban Dictionary

Earlier on January 5, Urban Dictionary also defined Jimin as “A beautiful person that was sent from the Angels. Can be a bias or bias wrecker. Screams the word oppa.”  Urban Dictionary even expanded its definition by recognizing just how talented Jimin is.

This is the third consecutive year Jimin has been honored by Urban Dictionary.  This page also gives many other definitions of Jimin such as: Mochi – the most valuable member of BTS, the Jimin effect …

Sources: giadinhmoi

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