The description for “Twenty-five Twenty-one” final episode seems to hint at a sad ending

The viewers are paying attention to the final story of the drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one”.

Twenty five twenty one

The broadcast of tvN’s “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, which aired on April 2nd, showed Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), who became a Local News reporter and focused on his work, and Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri), who began fencing training, building their careers and growing up.

The two continued their love even though they were in a long-distance relationship. Baek Yi-jin, who was supposed to celebrate the New Year together Na Hee-do, was eventually appointed as a correspondent in New York and couldn’t return to Korea.

The lonely appearance of Na Hee-do celebrating the New Year alone was depicted. The teaser that followed this scene showed BaekDo Couple facing each other in tears.

In addition, the description for the final episode of “Twenty-five Twenty-one” said, “Na Hee-do’s support no longer reaches Baek Yi-jin in New York. In the end, they only say hurtful things and turn around on each other, leaving only regrets. The two will run toward each other for one the last time to convey their true feelings”.

After the scene in which Baek Yi-jin said “Congratulation on your marriage” to Na Hee-do, which was aired in the previous episode, the description for the final episode made most of the viewers predict a sad ending for this drama.

However, the teaser for the last episode showed the two reuniting and having happy times, giving fans the hope for a happy ending. In the teaser, Baek Yi-jin’s line “I now know what perfect happiness is” is followed by Na Hee-do’s line “Because I love you”, raising high expectations.

Since all the possibilities are reasonable, attention is focused on whether “Twenty-five Twenty-one” will have a happy or sad ending.

The final episode will air at 9:10 p.m today (April 3rd)

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