EXID Hani’s shocking “Bed Scene” on “Fantasy Spot”

Actress Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani) is drawing attention as she showed a heated kiss scene and a bed scene on “Fantasy Spot”.

Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani), an actress and member of EXID, made headlines for her hot kiss scene in “Fantasy Spot.” This time, she drew attention with an even more heated bed scene.


With the final episode of Coupang Play series “Fantasy Spot” released on Jan 13th, the unconventional revealing scenes of actress Ahn Hee Yeon, who plays Hee Jae, is drawing attention.

Earlier, “Fantasy Spot,” which was released on Dec 30th, showed Hee Jae breaking up with her 5-year boyfriend and making a fresh start.

fantasy-spot-exid-hani-Bed Scene

Hee Jae tried hard to forget her ex-boyfriend Hyun Woo (Choi Woong) by going on a blind date, but eventually failed to see any positive results.

Then, she met In Chan (Park Seon Ho), a writer whom she met by chance at a bar. They exchanged a heated kiss, and Hee Jae asked, “Mr. Writer, do you want to try it out with me? Let’s check it out with me. My expression when we have sex.

Viewers were surprised by Hee Jae’s rough and wild kiss.

fantasy-spot-exid-hani-Bed Scene

The bed scene of Hee Jae and In Chan was also released. The two showed hot affectionate actions in a completely naked state.

Shocked by Ahn Hee Yeon’s real and natural expressions during the bed scene, netizens exclaimed, “Isn’t it too realistic?”, “It’s so real”, etc.

Meanwhile, Ahn Hee Yeon also revealed her honest thoughts about the bed scene at “Fantasy Spot” press conference held on December 22nd last year.

She smiled and shared, “I filmed a bed scene for the first time. It was really interesting”.

The actress added, “I actually felt a burden. Isn’t it burdensome just hearing the word ‘bed scene’? There was a teacher to help me perform such affectionate scenes. I discussed with the teacher a lot and acted with a comfortable heart.”

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