Was this the reason why Eun Ji Won got divorced? “Still single? Because I don’t want to have children”

Eun Ji Won of “Master in the House” revealed the reason why he is still unmarried, which might also be why he got divorced.

BamBam‘s luxurious solo life was unveiled on SBS’s “All the Butlers,” which aired on the 15th. The male idol chillingly washed up, lay down on the sofa, enjoyed a game, turned on the beer machine and made himself a cold glass to enjoy a year-end party of his own.

In response, Gwak Jung Eun said, “He doesn’t have a family with him, but he is happy there. I want to have this blessed life. It’s beautiful. I wish I could be more blessed. The experience of living as yourself is more important than experiencing marriage,” she advised.

In response, Eun Ji Won said, “This is why I am not married. I don’t want to have children whenever I see my mother. She had thrown away her whole life for me. I have never seen her happy while raising me. It’s too big a sacrifice from my point of view,” he said, expressing his sincerity about staying unmarried.

Source: OSEN

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