Fans are shocked to see EXID Hani’s legendary kiss scene on the web drama “Hit The Spot”

“Hit The Spot” Hee Jae (An Hee Yeon/Hani) and In Chan (Park Sun Ho) shared a hot kiss onscreen.

Coupang Play’s original “Hit The Spot,” which was released on Dec 30th, shows Hee Jae making a fresh start after breaking up with her boyfriend Hyun Woo (Choi Woong), who she had been dating for 5 years. Hee Jae then tried to go on blind dates to erase her memories with Hyun Woo, but failed to do so.


In the end, Hee Jae, who decided to just work, felt deep sympathy and comfort from In Chan’s lecture at the book festival. They happened to meet at a bar that night, had a drink together and shared a sincere conversation.


In particular, Hee Jae asked “Mr. Author. Do you know what kind of expression you have when you are so satisfied you go crazy?” starting their adult conversation. She then said, “Mr. Author, do you want to try doing it with me? Let’s check with me. The expression that I have when I have sex.”


The two started kissing. In Chan and Hee Jae’s surge in emotion, which made In Chan grabbed Hee Jae’s neck and kissed her roughly, got viewers immersed in the story flow at once.

After seeing this, netizens shared how surprised they were, saying, “I gasped so loud while watching that scene,” “My boyfriend, close your eyes,” and “She has created the best kiss scene ever.”


Source: Insight

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