Here are what K-pop idols are like off camera, according to flight attendants 

What do flight attendants, who meet idols a lot, think about them? 

One of the jobs that allow you to see K-pop idols the most is working for an airline. This is because idols often appear at the airports and take flights to different countries for events, joint concerts, world tours, etc. Many flight attendants have shared their experiences meeting K-pop idols in real life during work. While most idols received praise, some Red Velvet members were accused of having poor attitudes towards airport staff and flight attendants. 


Recently, when departing for Germany to perform at the Kpop Flex concert, ENHYPEN received compliments from flight attendants for both their visuals and attitudes. A worker said ENHYPEN looked very handsome in real life and they were respectful of others during the flight. This makes fans feel proud yet jealous of the flight attendants.


Another famous boy group who earned praise from flight attendants is the legend of K-pop 2nd gen, TVXQ. According to flight attendants, both Changmin and Yunho are polite gentlemen with great manners. Before leaving the plane, they always folded their blankets. 


A former flight attendant once revealed that Jessica Jung and Tiffany Young are very sweet in real life. Back when Girls’ Generation was active as a whole, they got into an uncomfortable situation at the airport, but Jessica and Tiffany were still smiling. 


Super Junior’s Heechul, who is famous for his 4D, funny, and sassy personality on TV, is said by flight attendants to be exactly the same in real life. He is straightforward and even likes to joke with the airline staff during his flights. 

Kim Heechul

Unlike the above stars who got praised, Red Velvet’s Irene, Joy, and Yeri were involved in a controversy over their attitudes at the airport and during flights. Earlier this year, an anonymous flight attendant posted on Blind, a famous Korean online community for employees, to accuse three members of being rude, saying, “I was on the same flight with Red Velvet once and Irene, Joy, Yeri were very impolite. They treated flight attendants as if we were their servants. The other 2 members were kind. But I don’t get why idols in general think highly of themselves.”

Red Velvet-Irene-Joy-Yeri

Another airline staff member specifically called out Irene, saying, “Irene, don’t throw your ID card at the staff or snatch your tickets from their hands. And come to the counter to check-in in person. I heard that you also acted like that on other airlines.”

red velvet irene

However, these comments were left by anonymous accounts, so fans claim they are not trustworthy. Still, the incident hurt Red Velvet’s image at the time. 

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