“The Glory” Director Reveals The Scene that Unintentionally Generated a Great Response from the Audience

Director An Gil Ho of “The Glory” talked about a scene that captivated the audience in an unplanned way. 

On March 8th, Netflix’s official YouTube channel live-streamed the “The Glory Part 2 GV (Guest Visit Production Team Briefing)” event. The event was attended by writer Kim Eun Sook, director An Gil Ho, actors Song Hye Kyo, Jung Sung Il, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, and Kim Gun Woo. The MC for the event was Jae Jae. 

Jung Sung Il

During the GV event, director An Gil Ho was asked if there was a scene that gave him chills. He replied, “In the scene where Dong Eun and Do Young meet at the Go Institute, there was a sign that read ‘Be Careful of Fire.’ I decided to shoot the scene without removing the sign, and it received a great response from the audience.” Director An Gil Ho added that it was not his intention to show the sign in this scene. 

The “Be Careful of Fire” sign that director An Gil Ho mentioned became a hot topic on Twitter and online communities right after “The Glory” was released. Fans speculated about whether it was intentional or not and compared it to a scene from the 2000 movie “In the Mood for Love.”

This scene was one of the ones that writer Kim Eun Kook put a lot of effort into. In a behind-the-scenes commentary video for “The Glory Part 1,” she explained that she was so thrilled by the scene where Moon Dong Eun and Ha Do Young meet that she screamed out loud in the editing room. Kim said, “I really like the line Dong Eun says, ‘In Go, desires are revealed in silence, it’s both fascinating and mesmerizing.’ I used Baduk as the theme because of this one line. The scene turned out to be perfect, just as I had hoped.”


Director An Gil Ho also added that the scene took a long time to shoot.

Meanwhile, on March 3rd, on tvN and OCN Movies’ variety program “The Ultimate Guide for Movie Junkies,” a scene was revealed where Ha Do Young takes Moon Dong Eun’s side instead of Park Yeon Jin’s (Lim Ji Yeon).

In the scene, Park Yeon Jin gets angry at Ha Do Young for playing Go with Moon Dong Eun. She says, “What are you doing playing Go with Moon Dong Eun? How can she get your attention?” Ha Do Young responds, “At first, it was just curiosity, and when I didn’t see her for a while, I waited for her. When I saw her again, I wanted to win, but I lost control. I also wanted to experience those breathtaking moments while playing Go.” 

When Park Yeon Jin said, “Even if you wrap it up nicely, it’s still cheating,” Ha Do Young said, “It’s unfair that you’re saying this. I don’t ask what happens between you and Jeon Jae Joon,” raising the expectations of fans waiting for “The Glory Part 2” even more.

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