Plastic surgery doctor picked BTS’s V as the celebrity with the best nose

The plastic surgeon showed admiration for BTS V’s beautiful nose.


Recently, on the YouTube channel “My Doctor,” Han Sang-chul, a plastic surgeon, talked about a star with a perfect nose.

The plastic surgeon picked V as the star with the prettiest nose.

The specialist looked at V‘s nose and said, “It’s the best nose shape a man can think of.”

The specialist envied V‘s extraordinary nose, saying, “I want to make it like V’s nose for those who came to my plastic surgery clinic, but I haven’t seen anyone who has a natural cartilage like V.”

He then expressed his honest desire to have V‘s nose, drawing laughter.

In fact, V has been praised for his natural beauty by plastic surgeons several times in the past.

A plastic surgeon analyzed V‘s nose shape and stressed that it is difficult to make it by surgery. He explained that V‘s nose is very high and the line extends well to the tip of his nose.

Meanwhile, V, who has been selected as the “world’s No. 1 handsome man” several times, has had a high nose bridge since he was young, along with his distinct features.

V is a “natural handsome man” who is known to resemble his father.

YouTube “My Doctor”
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