Fans Engage in Comment Warfare over BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s Dating Rumor

V and Jennie have once again been caught up in a dating rumor frenzy. Jennie’s Instagram has turned into a battlefield after photos capturing their Paris date were out.

On May 17th, a video of a couple who appear to be V and Jennie holding hands and enjoying their time together in Paris was posted. Their dating rumor has practically become an established fact.

Despite the numerous dating rumors since last year, both V’s agency, Big Hit Music, and Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment, have consistently remained silent, neither denying nor confirming the rumors. 

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They have maintained a mysterious silence. Even with the Paris date video, both sides continue to keep silent as usual.

On Jennie’s Instagram, domestic and international fans are engaging in debates. Since V does not allow comments on his Instagram, the comment section of Jennie’s account has unexpectedly become a battlefield.


Both V and Jennie have not made any official statements regarding the dating rumors, but fans are pouring out their opinions as if their dating is confirmed. 

Amidst conflicting opinions among fans, an intense debate is unfolding in Jennie’s Instagram comment section.

One netizen said, “Neither Jennie nor V is at fault. They are just human beings like us. Everyone falls in love. We are just their fans, and we cannot impose our desires on them. Jennie, thank you for doing your best for us!

Another netizen presumed to be a fan of V commented, “Seeing Jennie is the worst,” criticizing Jennie and claiming, “V, please don’t hold hands with Jennie in public places.

Another fan of V said, “Why are there so many negative comments? If you truly love V, let him be happy and live the way he wants. They have the right to love freely, and we have no right to hate them. Let’s remember our place as fans.

Source: Nate

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