Amid “ex-boyfriend’s controversy” prosecution’s investigation, Park Gyuri departs for Japan for KARA’s schedule

Park Gyuri, who was investigated due to her ex-lover’s charges of fraud, left the country amid controversies.

KARA member Park Gyuri, who was recently summoned and investigated by prosecution due to her relationship with an ex-boyfriend, will leave for Japan and continue as normal with her singing career.

It was confirmed that Park Gyuri will arrive at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan on the morning of February 22nd, after departing from Incheon International Airport.

Park Gyuri

Her departure is known to be part of KARA’s activities. In particular, KARA members, including Park Gyuri, will hold fan meetings at Orix Theater in Osaka, Japan on February 23rd, Soleil Hall in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka on the 26th, and Pacifico Yokohama National Hall on March 3rd to meet local fans.

Attention is being focused on Park Gyuri due to the ongoing investigation regarding her bad relationship with an ex-lover. 

Park Gyuri

Previously on February 20th, Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office Financial Investigation Division 1 announced that it had investigated Mr. A, CEO of Company B, who issued virtual currency linked to art works, on charges of violating the Capital Markets Act and fraud. In the process of investigating Mr. A, Park Gyuri, who was his former lover and curator of Company B’s art gallery, was also called in as a reference.

Ever since, prosecution has continued the investigation on beliefs that A committed fraud and violation of the Capital Markets Act, through actions such as manipulating the market price by spreading false information in the process of generating and promoting virtual currency.

Regarding this, an official from Park Gyuri’s side said, “In the process of testifying as a witness, she (Park Gyuri) clearly clarified that she did not participate in illegal activities related to the virtual currency business and did not acquire any unfair gains. Nevertheless, we will cooperate as much as possible with prosecution.”

Source: Daum

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