CT Planning Limited announced taking legal measures against SM for spreading false facts 

CTP retaliated at the ongoing accusations from SM’s current CEO Lee Sung Soo. 

CT Planning Limited (CTP) is a company founded by Lee Soo Man in Hong Kong in 2019 and was recently accused by current CEO of SM Lee Sung Soo as a way for the former chief producer to commit offshore tax evasion. 

lee soo man

In light of the accusation, CTP announced: “Based on the vision of promoting the Asian cultural market to become the center of the world cultural market, CTP’s main business is global project planning and overseas production. Since its inception, CTP and Lee Soo Man have strictly complied with relevant national laws and have paid all taxes, contrary to the false accusation by some personnel,” Kim Han Koo, CEO of the CTP, said in a statement.

Lee Sung Soo

In addition, CTP announced to take legal measures against the perpetrators, “For all disseminated false facts on the Internet, we will hold the individuals and entities [behind the spreading] legally accountable, and at the same time, we urge you to stop spreading false facts that defame our company.” 

CTP, which focuses on the mission of building one Asian entertainment market, will do its best to provide high-quality pan-Asian cultural content without losing its original spirit at the time of its founding. We will also take the lead in pioneering the entertainment culture industry in the Web3.0 era together with artists and creators.”

Source: fb

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