Hwang Min Hyun is reportedly reviewing the offer to lead webtoon-based drama “Study Group”, netizens show mixed reactions

The Naver webtoon “Study Group” has been confirmed to have a drama version.

“Study Group” will be produced as an original series on TVing and directed by Lee Jang Hoon, who created the movies “Miracle: Letters to the President” and “Be with You”.


“Study Group” tells about the bloody entrance exam that takes place when Yoon Ga Min, a boy who wants to study well but all his talents are fighting skills, forms a study group consisting of the worst students in school.

It is said that Hwang Min Hyun is positively reviewing the casting offer to appear in this drama as the main character Yoon Ga Min.

Yoon Ga Min has an appearance resembling a model student but he is actually very bad at studying. Despite making every effort to study restlessly, his grades do not improve. However, Yoon Ga Min, who has a talent for fighting, begins to showcase his abilities when the friends of his study group are bullied. 


Netizens gave mixed responses to the news of “Study Group” drama version. Some expressed expectations through comments, such as “I’m looking forward to Hwang Min Hyun’s action scenes”, “The synchronization with the character is great”, “I can’t wait to see his action acting”, “It’s nice to hear the news of his new project”, “It’s going to be very interesting”, etc.

However, some drama fans had different opinions, such as “They are making a drama version of this webtoon?”, “I like Hwang Min Hyun, but I’m worried about this drama”, “Yoon Ga Min looks like a nerd but he’s strong. How can a prince act like a nerd just by wearing glasses? Hwang Min Hyun is too handsome”, etc. 

Source: Wikitree

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