Controversy Surrounds Choi Yena’s “Hate Rodrigo”, Olivia Rodrigo Used as PR Stunt?

Choi Yena’s “Hate Rodrigo” feat. (G)-IDLE Yuqi faces criticism for using Olivia Rodrigo as a marketing tactic.

Choi Yena is preparing for a comeback with “Hate Rodrigo” feat. Yuqi (G)-IDLE. Not only does the album cover resemble Olivia Rodrigo’s, but the MV teaser also features glimpses of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” album artwork. Some scenes from the teaser are strikingly similar to scenes in Olivia Rodrigo’s “deja vu” MV.

YueHua Entertainment, Choi Yena’s company, explained that the song’s concept aims to portray “cute jealousy, I hate all the kids who are better than me.” Fans also defend that it is not a “diss” track but rather a “tribute” to Olivia Rodrigo, as Choi Yena participated in composing and writing the lyrics.

However, Korean netizens find it quite puzzling:

  • Last time, Olivia’s “Good 4 U” was incorporated into her lyrics, essentially admitting that Olivia’s music influenced Choi Yena. But this time, the song is shamelessly “Hate Rodrigo.” It’s shocking.
  • These two don’t even know each other. Fans of Olivia must be both sad and angry.
  • Let’s see if foreign artists release songs like “HATE IZ*ONE” or “HATE CHOI YENA,” her fan base will remain calm or not.
  • Instead of “paying tribute” to Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Taylor Swift, she “pays tribute” to a 2003-born newcomer who debuted only two years ago. 
  • “Lxxk 2 U” copied everything from “Good 4 U,” from the title, to lyrics… It sounds like a Korean version of a foreign pop song. 
  • Will she be using the name “HATE RODRIGO” to create dance challenges and promote it everywhere??? The company approving this concept is also insane. Imagine a singer in Japan or any other country releasing “HATE IU/BTS/BLACKPINK” but then explaining, “I don’t hate them,” their fans would be confused in an instant.
  • It’s getting worse and worse. First “Lxxk 2 U,” now this. Why would Yena resort to doing this to seek attention??

“Hate Rodrigo” will be released on June 27th.

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