“Eden” cast Yang Ho Seok imprisoned on charges of attempting sexual assault against an entertainment establishment employee

Yang Ho Seok, the famous fitness model on “Eden”, has been sentenced to prison in the first trial on charges of sexual assault.

On May 30th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 29 (Judge Kim Seung Jeong) sentenced Yang Ho Seok, who was accused of attempted rape, to 10 months in prison. In addition, he was also ordered to complete 40 hours of lectures on sexual violence treatments. 

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The judge stated, “Considering the nature and circumstances of the crime, the defendant’s act is serious, and the defendant is highly likely to be criticized because he committed the crime even during the probation period of his previous suspended imprisonment”, adding “The victim must have experienced significant sexual discomfort and mental pain.”

The judge further explained, “The victim and the defendant reached a mutual agreement, and the victim expressed her intention to not punish him. The fact that the defendant has no previous convictions for similar offenses and that the crime had not been completed are considered the favorable reasons for sentencing”.

However, the judge emphasized, “Since the defendant committed the crime during the probation period, it is inevitable that he would receive imprisonment”, adding “We decided on the sentence after taking into account various factors, including the defendant’s overall circumstances and his recognition of the wrongdoing and self-reflection.”

In early and mid-February, Yang Ho Seok was put on trial on charges of attempted sexual assault against a female employee at an adult entertainment establishment in Seoul. After being arrested on the site, he is said to have been under detention during the investigation.

Previously, Yang Ho Seok had already faced trial on charges of obstruction of official duties. In January, he was sentenced to six months in prison with a two-year suspended sentence in the first trial, and the verdict was finalized. However, this crime occurred during that probation period.

If a person who received a suspended sentence is sentenced to imprisonment during the probation period for a term exceeding the suspended sentence, the effect of the suspended sentence will be invalidated. Therefore, if Yang Hon Seok does not appeal, an additional six-month imprisonment sentence will be added to his sentence record.

Known as a former Musclemania contestant and renowned fitness model, Yang Ho Seok gained recognition after appearing on the dating variety show “Eden”.

However, even before the broadcast, he had already caused controversy for having a history of assault. He received a sentence of six months in prison with a two-year probation on charges of assaulting former figure skater and coach Cha Oh Reum in April 2019.

Source: Nate

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