The lineup of “Queendom 2” received mixed responses from K-netizens: Unlike the rumors, JYP’s artist will not join the show, Mnet is trying to push Kep1er?

“Queendom 2” is expected to be a fierce competition between KPOP female artists of 3 generations.

The famous survival program “Queendom” will officially return with the 2nd season on March 31st. “Queendom” was first aired in August 2019 and it featured the enthusiastic battle for the No.1 “queen” position between famous female artists, including Park Bom, MAMAMOO, AOA, (G)I-DLE, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl.

Although MAMAMOO was the winner of the competition, other idol groups, such as AOA, (G)I-DLE, Oh My Girl also gained huge love and attention from Korean audiences. Netizens believed “Queendom” can help girl groups to regain their popularity. That’s why the news of “Queendom Season 2” raised the viewers’ high expectations for the new competition immediately after it was announced.

Recently, “Queendom” revealed the 2nd season’s lineup of 6 new artists, including Brave Girls, VIVIZ, Kep1er, Hyolyn (former Sistar member), Cosmic Girls (WJSN), and LOONA.

It can be easily noticed that this year’s lineup gathered representatives of 3 KPOP generations. Hyolyn and Brave Girls are idols of the 2nd generation. WJSN and LOONA are from the 3rd generation, while Kep1er and VIVIZ are 4th generation idol groups. The production team said, “All 6 artists are KPOP female representatives who have already won 1st place on music shows”. Accordingly, “Queendom” only cast artists who already had a firm position in the entertainment industry.

After the lineup was released, netizens expressed divided opinions. Some people are disappointed that ITZY and Weki Meki will not join the show like it was rumored before. Many others say this year’s lineup looks much more boring than that of Season 1 because there are no groups that can attract attention from media like AOA, (G)I-DLE, and Oh My Girl.

The show has not even been broadcast yet, but Internet users already raised suspicions that Mnet is planning to give the spotlight to the group they formed – Kep1er. Many people are curious about why Kep1er has just finished their long journey in “Girls Planet 999” not long ago but already join a new one. 

Lots of people questioned the appearance of Kep1er in “Queendom 2”, raising suspicions that Mnet is trying to push the girl group and giving them support to become the winner
Lots of people questioned the appearance of Kep1er in “Queendom 2”, raising suspicions that Mnet is trying to push the girl group and giving them support to become the winner

K-netizens’ comments:

  • I thought “Queendom” only invites girl groups, why Hyolyn also join the show?
  • This cast lineup is so great. They will definitely create such a craze
  • Kep1er is one of the most impressive rookies recently. There is no reason for them to compete in Queendom. Is Mnet trying to push Kep1er? I won’t be surprised if Kep1er win this show
  • WJSN has many good songs. They are beautiful, they can sing, rap and dance well but have not had any chance to make a hit. I hope the girl group will make a breakthrough thanks to this show. I’m waiting for “As You Wish” performance.
  • Kep1er? I can’t understand. They have just debuted after competing in a survival show. Now they’re going to participate in a new one?
  • It’s so hard to guess who will be the winner. I think Brave Girls, VIVIZ and WJSN will do well with digital. LOONA and Kep1er are powerful in views. LOONA, Kep1er and VIVIZ might have the most votes.
  • 1 vote for the MC. She’s my pick.

Queendom 2” will air the first episode at 9:20 P.M (KST) on March 31st. The show will be hosted by Girls’ Generation Taeyeon. Let’s see what performances will these famous female artists KPOP bring to the show!

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