Comparison of aespa with makeup vs no makeup that made the community go wild

Barefaced visuals of aespa’s members were revealed. They shocked fans with their flawless skin.

On the 28th, a post titled ‘aespa with makeup vs no makeup’ was posted on a Facebook page.

The members in the photo appeared without any makeup at all. There was no thick makeup on the stage.

The post compared close-up selfies of aespa members including Karina, Winter, Gisele and Ningning.

Netizens were immediately caught off guard by how beautiful they are without any makeup. Without makeup, from smooth skin to youthful features, they exude an even more innocent vibe.

Netizens showed reactions such as ‘Their bare faces are so crazy’, ‘I’m their fan from now on’, and ‘They look even prettier without makeup’.

Source: Dispatch

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