Identities of the women in “Boys Planet” Sung Han Bin’s shirtless photo have been confirmed

The controversial picture of “Boys Planet” Sung Han Bin turns out to be his former dance crew’s group profile photo.

A photo of “Boys Planet” trainee Sung Han Bin posing shirtless with eight women has recently spread on Twitter and other SNS sites. 

According to Sports Chosun on March 22nd, it was a group profile photo of the dance crew he joined in the past. To portray the concept, female members wore tank tops, and Han Bin was the only person who took off his top.

seong han bin

An official said to the media, “As the only male member of the team, Sung Han Bin was positioned on the side to create a harmonization for the overall picture. The team decided to have only Sung Han Bin going shirtless because they thought it would have looked so weird if he was the only person wearing clothes or if they all wore tank tops together.”

Earlier, a revelation that Sung Han Bin took a photo with 8 female friends without a top was posted on Twitter and various online communities. In response, some people argued that there was no problem with the photo, while others expressed concerns that it might negatively affect Han Bin’s image and his debut as an idol.

seong han bin

Sung Han Bin has recently gained popularity as he won 1st place on “Boys Planet”. Prior to his appearance on the show, this male idol trainee had been active in a dance crew specializing in waacking and tutting for about two years. He was also known to have joined the crew after catching the eye of Spella, the No.1 tutting female dancer in Korea.

Source: Wikitree

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