SHINee’s Onew Gives Off Different Vibes in His Mid-30s: “He Looks More Attractive Now” 

SHINee’s Onew, who turned in his mid-30s this year as a 1989 liner, shows completely different vibes from before. SHINee’s Onew has left behind the boyish image and gained attention for his matured charm.

On March 17, Onew appeared at the KBS public hall in Yeouido, Seoul for the filming of KBS2’s “Music Bank.”


He arrived early in the morning, wearing a casual jacket with a scarf around his neck, and greeted fans and reporters warmly.

Onew showed off his healthy tanned skin before receiving any makeup.

He walked with his shoulder-length hair flowing in the wind, showing his cute dimples and bitten lip, which melted the hearts of fans.

While he mostly showed off his fair skin and young prince-like visuals on stage, his everyday appearance was quite different.


As Onew reached his mid-30s, he started to reveal his natural charm as a middle-aged man.

Netizens also showed their positive reactions, saying, “He looks different,” “He looks more attractive now,” and “If he puts on makeup, he may show his old image again.”

Meanwhile, Onew held a solo concert for two days on March 14-15 at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: Insight. 

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